Ex-FARC Members are working for the Mexican Cartels

It has become clear that ex-FARC rebels are now working for the Mexican drug trafficking groups. This information represents a complex for the Mexican and other regional authorities. Clearly, these groups are exploiting the unexpected consequences of the Colombian Peace Agreement.


AMLO: Mexico’s Last Hope?

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has been described as the last hope for Mexico. A nation that is facing unprecedented levels of violence coming from a military conflict against transnational criminal groups. In this climate, AMLO has endorsed a progressive and revolutionary political platform for his presidential campaign, which represents a possibility for reversing Mexico's crisis. One... Continue Reading →

Guerrero, A State of Violence and Hope

One of the states with the highest levels of violence in Mexico is Guerrero. Located in the southern region of the nation, Guerrero presents precarious conditions for the upcoming democratic elections. The condition of this state comes from the conflict between drug cartels, self-defense groups, and the local authorities. Although this environment appears irreversible, there... Continue Reading →

The Mexican Drug Cartels are Fighting to Control the Black Gold

  The Mexican government continues with its conflict against drug trafficking groups. Throughout the last decade, this conflict has become more problematic with these criminal syndicates modifying their operations to respond to the political and economic environment of the nation. During this period, the Mexican authorities have been combating individuals responsible for the illegal extraction... Continue Reading →

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