Ex-FARC Members are working for the Mexican Cartels

It has become clear that ex-FARC rebels are now working for the Mexican drug trafficking groups. This information represents a complex for the Mexican and other regional authorities.

In Excelsior, Andres Becerril reported that the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) was using home-made explosives fabricated by members of the FARC. This information became public in 2017 with an investigation conducted by the Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional (Cisen). The report also explained that the CJNG wants to maintain its hegemony over the trafficking of drugs with the collaboration of Colombian combatants. This relationship allowed the CJNG to add to its armament the explosive artifact known as papa (potato). The Cisen warned the Mexican authorities that these explosives are extremely unstable due to their chemical composition. This relationship between the CJNG and the Colombian rebels was noted by the government of the Mexican state of Jalisco early this week. According to regional authorities, ex-members of the FARC are training new recruits with paramilitary tactics for this criminal group.

Early this year in InSight Crime, James Bargent reported that the Sinaloa Cartel was taking control over the post-FARC criminal underworld. According to this article, local communities in Colombia are experiencing the sabotage of the coca-crop substitution program by ex-FARC members financed by this Mexican criminal organization. This represents a challenge for the Colombian government because the peace agreement depends on these initiatives to maintain a peaceful environment between the local communities. Especially, in regions that depended on the production of coca leaves for their economic prosperity. Bargent also noted that there is information that describes how this criminal group has set-up centers of operations in six different Colombian cities: Tumaco, Cali, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, and Medellín.


Clearly, this evidence demonstrates that the Mexican drug trafficking groups are exploiting the unexpected consequences of the Colombian Peace Agreement. This development represents a drastic problem for Mexico and for the region. In part, because the CJNG will employ these paramilitary tactics to maintain their hegemony over the trafficking of drugs and expand their control to new territories. This expansion represents more violence for the Mexican government and the displacement of more people.


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